Conversation groups

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Melody Brink and Ianthe Lauwaert

32.-Sharing our living questions, sowing seeds for the future.

    Christoph Abend/Serpil Kalic

    33. How do I meet my obstacles and achieve my goals?

      Helene Kastner

      26. Reflection as a tool to turn impulses into courage

        Rebecca Laakmann

        6. A change out of self-love - a self-development?

          Vincent Eichholz

          22. Find COURAGE in comparing our opportunities

            Rebecca Schäfer

            21. Social Influence - finding courage to face the difficulties of how our behaviour changes in presence of others

              Lorena Carazo

              29. Courage to be a spiritual being in a rather challenging world

                Isadora Ossege Amorim

                25. Through singing and reflection, being ourselves

                  Sophie Teske

                  5. Female courage in the world and how to encourage each other as young women. 

                    Hannah Malina Bar-Lev

                    20. Stepping into the unknown and finding the next step

                      Milena Kowarik

                      19. Exploring Courage- Transforming myself to transform the world

                        Erik Milas

                        16. What is holding us back? A glance at our social chains.

                          Mita Hiemer

                          15. Beyond the comfort zone

                            David Czycholl

                            13. Shaping reality with or without fear

                              Nill Orfeo

                              12. Finding and Defining Courage

                                Friedemann Uhl

                                31. How can I find my own path and have an impact in the outer world?

                                  Stefania Suciu

                                  11. The Courage of Meeting

                                    Edda Nehmiz

                                    28. Courage to fail! and learn from it

                                      Helena Santos de Gusmão

                                      14. The encounter with the other and the self. Courage to seek true connection in a shallow era

                                        Sonja Maria Müeller

                                        2. The self through the world and the world through the self

                                          Brett Kranz-Litlle

                                          8. Working with traditional societal roles, whilst remaining true to oneself

                                            Thorsten Ziebell

                                            24. Work up the courage to ask what you want to know about the lectures and the conference.

                                              Benjamin Braun

                                              27. What is my truth?

                                                Katja Eis

                                                3. From Fear to Courage - how do I handle my fears, what happened inside what do I show other?

                                                  Andrea de la Cruz

                                                  10. Shaping Truthfulness, Responsibility and Courage for the future.

                                                    Ellen Niemann

                                                    1. Courage to paint the picture of my own life

                                                      Johannes Kronenberg

                                                      4. COURAGE for self-development in an age of fragmentation and new horizons

                                                        Robert C. Schuppe

                                                        9. Finding and Defining Courage through Literature

                                                          Isabel Antrobus-Thorweihe

                                                          17. How can we find the courage to create a society with a future vision of climate justice, rescue and stabilisation?

                                                            Dr. Constanza Kaliks

                                                            30. Conversation for teachers

                                                              Marin-Teodor Ayman Nasar

                                                              7. What Am I Unique with? (do I have the courage to express it)

                                                                Thomas Lutze-Rodenbusch

                                                                23. Can high school education be a basis for finding oneself or culture?

                                                                  Joan Sleigh

                                                                  17. COURAGE to find and articulate my own Narrative