What do you need courage for?

Through the course of time, our world, although constantly advancing to cater to our needs have developed dangers and countless fear inducing stimuli. We constantly encounter things that are hard to stand up for and situations that call for us to have courage. The world has become so daunting that standing up and expressing yourself has become challenging; personally, I find myself having difficulty in expressing my true self. Along the way, a sense of fear and anxiety has been planted within me, and I need to find the courage to overcome this sense of insecurity that I have developed.
Paolo Avila, Philippines
For me, courage has many faces. I think that everyone is in need of a healthy amount of it to live a fulfilling life. In our society, courage is quite essential beacuse so many people struggle to express their true selves. Everybody is talking about how important it is to be unique but how are we supposed to do so while we’re running around with the constant fear of being judged or worse, condemned? For me, that’s what courage is about. To not let that fear influence your doing but to conquer it by turning it into a positive power source and using this power to stand up to yourself and experience your unique gifts by stepping out of the comfort zone. That’s what you need courage for.
Sophie Niemann, Germany