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Sandra Schöll

31. Courage to speak our truth

    Aimar Zabaleta

    25. Photography

      Melody Brink and Ianthe Lauwaert

      20. Stories as guides to finding your true self

        Cornelia Andersson

        18. AcroYoga

          Fidel Rott

          17. Playful Movement Exploration

            Vincent Eichholz and Yashann Steffens

            13. Gaining COURAGE through sports

              Ioana Farcasano

              8. Trust. Dare. Be. Through Eurythmy.

                Johannes Hüttich

                27. COURAGE for the truth

                  Katharina Herrmann

                  26. STONE – DIALOGUE

                    Paolo Maspoli

                    24. Micheal, the spirit of our time

                      Darina Evgrafova

                      19. The heart of Waldorf education - Anthroposophy

                        Markus Thomas

                        16. Qi Gong - Life Energy Cultivation

                          Vlad Panculescu

                          15. Bothmer Gymnastics

                            Urtė Čiblytė

                            14. Let's play!

                              Felipe Alves

                              12. Space of Courage - interaction and creation

                                Leon Brüggemann

                                11. Experiencing the Art of Acting

                                  Leander Seekings

                                  2. Percussion as melody

                                    Angel Chiok

                                    5. Creating social environments with music

                                      Thorben Seidler

                                      7. International folk dances & and modern folk dances (circle dance), choreographies

                                        Felix Abend

                                        9. Gaining access to our inner resources of courage - a workshop in eurythmy

                                          Magdalena Ries/Benjamin Braun

                                          29. Warrior in the World, how to become a Soul Warrior?

                                            Christoph Abend/Serpil Kalic

                                            28. How do I meet my obstacles and achieve my goals?

                                              Christoph Geier

                                              21. Start Up. But how? Self-development through self-realization

                                                Jaspar Röh/Jana-Nita Raker

                                                22. Don’t tell me what to do!!

                                                  Nicole Anne Asis

                                                  4. Improv! Create Now

                                                    Julia Bach/Lea Wiegand

                                                    23. Creative painting and drawing

                                                      Marina Helena

                                                      3.Brazilian Pifano Flute

                                                        Marcus Vinícius da Silva

                                                        1. Body music: an act of courage