André Stern


    André Stern is a musician, music composer, guitar maker, author and journalist. He is married and father of two children.

    André Stern never went to school. He is the son of Arno Stern, an educationalist and researcher, whose work is based on the respect of spontaneous disposition of the human being.

    André Stern has written about his unschooled life, and about his experience as a father, in two best-sellers, available in German, published by Editions Zabert Sandmann: “… Und ich war nie in der Schule“, 2009 (now in its 6th edition) and “Mein Vater, mein Freund“, 2011, co-written by Arno Stern (see publications)

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    The first one was published in French under the title “… Et je ne suis jamais allé à l’école”, by Actes Sud, 2011. It is now also available in Spanish under the title “Yo nunca fui a la escuela”, by Litera Libros (2013), in Italian by Nutrimenti (“Non sono mai andato a scuola” – 2014), in Hungarian by Ez Van Könyvek (“Es sosem jártam iskolába” – 2014″) and in polish bei Element Wydawnictwo (“…I nigdy nie chodziłem do szkoły” & “Siewcy entuzjazmu – 2016”).