Dr. Constanza Kaliks

    Courage to stand for Courage

    The life is full of moments of decision. No matter where we are, it is given to us to engage, to commit. It is a challenge – and the way to become present, to take part in the wholeness of reality. The world, the society waits for our courage to affirm our participation. Courage is all around – how to live out of the deep trust that I will find courage?



    Born 1967 in Chile, grown up in Brazil. Studied Mathematics in São Paulo, attended the Teacher’s Seminar at the Goetheanum. Worked as a Mathematics teacher in the upper school of the Steiner School in São Paulo and lectured at the Teachers’ Seminar. Graduated in Educational Science. Since 2012 Leader of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum. In addition since March 2015 member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum. Married, 2 children.